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Transform your menopausal journey...

Are you peri- or postmenopausal?


Do night sweats, hot flushes, anxiety, and stubborn weight gain pose challenges for you?

Interested in discovering optimal nutrition, exercise strategies and other lifestyle habits for this transitional phase of life? I can help!

Revitalise your metabolism and ease menopausal symptoms in just 12 weeks with this transformative online programme.


Embrace a holistic approach, and in just a few weeks, experience a lighter, more energised version of yourself while regaining control of your health and weight - no carb restriction or calorie counting!

Get ALL this for just £12 a week for 3 months plus ongoing access to all resources!

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Read My Reviews

“Cath at Raw4Fitness has literally revolutionised my life, my fitness, my vitality & my menopause. I can really see the benefits, especially of doing weights with her in my PT session. I am horribly lazy & complain all the time & when I stop at rep 4 or 5, she keeps me going with “aaaand 6!” Brilliant fun. I feel so much younger & fitter than I have in years & my limbs move where & when I want them to because suddenly my muscles are actually getting stronger and working. She is a lovely person, who looks at the whole you & tailors the program. She looks at your diet & lifestyle too. Her group classes are fabulous fun, such a brilliant start to the day. I can’t recommend Cath highly enough. Work with her in PT, online or group classes & change your life! ”

- KG 2023

“Cath from Raw4Fitness has truly transformed my life. Over the past five years, her invaluable knowledge and tips have enabled me to achieve significant advancements in my health and fitness. Cath adeptly addresses posture issues for every individual, regardless of class size. I cannot speak highly enough of her. If you prioritise your health and aspire to maintain flexibility and mobility well into your later years then Cath is the answer."

- Nathalie D 2023

“Amazing ‘fit in 6’ experience. I’d never dreamt of vegan and never really done weights, but with the team and Cath’s help with a slight change of diet and weights 3x a week - I lost 9 lbs, lots of nasty fat, and increased hydration in 6 weeks. Great group support and a great trainer. Highly recommend.”

- Terri Cole

“I have been working out with Cath for 18 months, first attending one of her Small Group PT sessions, then one-to-one sessions, with the main aim to increase my core strength. At that time, Cath's expert tuition did not just help me to achieve that goal, but Cath motivated me to fit in a mini workout at home most mornings! I loved my sessions with Cath and will miss them sorely now that she is moving to Dorchester, but I get to keep the knowledge that physically, I can achieve more than I thought possible - with a bit of regular practise. Thanks, Cath!”

- Helga Bogisch-Francis

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