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Highly Experienced Online Fitness Instructor In Dorchester


“I have been an avid fan of Cath’s for many years, having enjoyed each and every one of her classes and, latterly, group training sessions. I have never been as fit or aware of my body and how it functions at its best as I am now! You cannot help but be inspired by Cath’s passion, enthusiasm, and energy. She genuinely cares about you and goes beyond the call of duty to support you and your goals. I’ve really enjoyed the group training sessions and having a couple of other “teammates” to encourage and inspire me. I thought I was fit, but then I tried this……OMG!! But whatever level you are at, Cath is able to flex her approach to suit everyone’s needs. She doesn’t let you off the hook! This is what I love most about it, that and the variety of training you do. I don’t seem to be able to work half as hard on my own. I need Cath in my life! She makes you work harder than you ever thought possible, but I feel AWESOME afterwards. I can’t recommend Cath highly enough. Training with Cath is hard work but lots of fun and completely energising! You won’t regret it, I promise!”

- Sarah 2017

“I wanted to say a big thanks to Cath as she has motivated me to change my fitness level and encouraged me to improve my diet. When I attend our small group PT classes, she will push me as far as I need. I’ve never been the best at keeping up with exercise, but Cath really gets me motivated to keep fit and have a healthy lifestyle.”

- Liz 2016

“After going to Cath’s food Workshop on Monday, I decided it was time to change how I’ve been eating. I hadn’t realised how much a change in eating can affect you. I have been having juice in the morning and lemon water, too, and eating as much raw vegetables as possible. And tonight, I’ve run my furthest in a long time. Thank you, Cath; the food advice was amazing, and I’m sure I’ll stick to it. Looking forward to Monday morning workout!!”

- Atlanta Allen-Skinner

“Cath is a wonderful personal trainer. She is highly knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition. She has a determined but kind style and genuinely cares about your well-being and progression. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

- Caroline Gratrix, Caversham, Reading

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