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Fully Qualified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist In Dorchester

About Cath


I am a fully qualified personal trainer and plant-based nutritionist at Raw4Fitness in Dorchester, dedicated to promoting health and fitness training through a holistic approach. My journey began 23 years ago with dance training, leading to an 8-year long career as a professional dancer. After embracing motherhood, I ventured into fitness, teaching classes like Zumba and PureStretch for six years. A diagnosis of fibromyalgia a decade ago, at the onset of peri-menopause, prompted a shift towards clean living and a two-year commitment to a fully raw vegan lifestyle.


Motivated by my experience, I pursued personal training, combining it with nutritional expertise for weight management. I conduct 'Eat To Live' plant-based wellness workshops and run an online plant-based 'Complete Body Reboot' programme. I am here to help women gain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle during pre/post-menopause. 

My unexpected path includes two interviews on the Simply Vegan Podcast, articles for Vegan Food and Living magazine, and connections with remarkable individuals dedicated to human health, animal welfare, and environmental issues. I live and breathe the healthy lifestyle I teach, finding immense satisfaction in guiding others toward transformative well-being. Contact me today to get personally trained.

Read Our Reviews

“I’ve been seeing Cath for 1:1 PT sessions for the last six months. In that time, she helped me lose 20 pounds and gain muscle. I now have insight into my diet and have made changes I could never have imagined. My experience of working with Cath has been life-changing and very positive.”

- Steve 2020

“I've been doing Cath's Bootcamp for just over a month now, and I'm really enjoying the workouts. The setup is very convenient; I'm able to fit it in when it suits me. Cath is knowledgeable and provides more than just a workout; the odd life tips mean I don't want to miss a session! I highly recommend her.”

- Libby Gower

“I decided to lose weight and get fit when I realised I had increased to 11st 5lbs. I felt I’d let myself go and didn’t know where to start, so I met with Cath, and we talked about food and what my goals were. This was in January 2019. I said I wanted to be able to wear shorts in the summer and feel gorgeous in them! So we started once-a-week first, it was gentle, ensuring I had good form. Every week, I was weighed, and Cath explained the changes, i.e., muscle/fat, hydration, strength, etc. It was really interesting, and Cath is super enthusiastic and encouraging. It makes you feel you can do it. She sent me many suggestions for healthy foods and smoothies, which now the whole family loves, not to mention exercise plans I could do at home between sessions. Seeing my body change and hearing my friends and family say how great I looked was great. My mother even signed up, too! Most importantly, I felt healthy and strong again, with so much energy...and happy! I can’t thank Cath enough for her unfailing optimism and encouragement, all the good tips, and the way she explained everything. The shorts were worn with pride in July 6 months later, at a fit 9st 10lbs! I went past my target.”

- Sam 2019

“Cath has had her work cut out with me! I have a few back issues that we are working on. She has been brilliant. Individually tailored workouts.”

- LC Fletcher

Looking For A Personal Trainer For Health And Fitness Coaching In Dorchester? Email me now at

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