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Reboot30 LIVE

ANNOUNCEMENT: these sessions will be free as from Monday 13th May 2024 for 2 weeks only. 

Follow me here on Facebook to join us on the day!

Fitness and motivation membership group

LIVE Home Workouts:
Enjoy 3x 30-minute full-body resistance workouts weekly, complemented by motivational mobile alerts to keep you on track! Perfect for busy women working from home, needing convenient exercise solutions to energise and prevent afternoon slumps!

Reboot30 LIVE: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 1-1.30pm

You will have access to:

⭐️ 3 weekly live full-body lunchtime workouts

⭐️ Reboot30 LIVE private Facebook hub

⭐️ Inspiring mobile alerts to boost motivation

⭐️ Community and support

Equipment purchase recommended: one resistance band and light weight dumbbells (links provided after checkout).

Monthly subscription £28

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