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Complete Body Reboot

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Revitalise your metabolism and ease menopausal symptoms in just 12 weeks! Take charge of your menopausal journey with this transformative programme. Effectively manage menopausal symptoms and overcome hormonal weight gain without resorting to carb restriction or calorie counting. Embrace a holistic approach, and in just a few weeks, experience a lighter, more energised version of yourself while regaining control of your health. In this programme, you'll explore the benefits of plant-based eating for shedding stubborn hormonal weight, discover simple life hacks to ease menopausal symptoms and engage in specifically tailored resistance training that you can easily do at home with minimal equipment. You will have access to: • the complete self-paced 12-week programme • 35+ short lessons complete with videos, pdfs and action plans • over 100 healthy recipes to help balance hormones • 7-day meal plan - to take out the guesswork! • workout videos with exercise modifications • stretch and breathwork videos • Complete Body Reboot members-only community hub • Cath - throughout the programme via our community hub • 1x live group Zoom call every week for Q+As and course content discussions



Complete Body Reboot, £145.00


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