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1:1 Online and In-Person Coaching

Expert Fitness Training In Dorchester

Self-Empowerment With Raw4Fitness!

Welcome to Raw4Fitness, founded in 2011, your empowering partner for fitness training in Dorchester. I'm Cath, your dedicated personal trainer and plant-based nutritionist.


Frustrated with hitting a plateau, physically speaking? I understand. Raw4Fitness is all about self-empowerment with a holistic approach to fitness and weight management. As a certified personal trainer, I specialise in tailored resistance training and advocate plant-based eating to take your health to the next level.


Explore my 12-week online fitness course dedicated to women facing pre/post-menopause, addressing mental and physical health concerns. Join a community where all women, regardless of age, are welcomed. 


I am a highly qualified fitness professional with a wealth of expertise. I hold a number of domain-specific certificates and diplomas. Discover the diverse services I offer, including resistance training, body toning, cardiovascular training, core strengthening, postural correction, weight management, plant-based nutrition coaching, and more. 

Contact me today to discuss your fitness goals and health objectives. Experience satisfaction, expert advice, and the assurance of a well-established fitness programme by joining me on your journey towards better health.

Qualifications & Certificates

Available to you...

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Online Wellness Programme

I provide a comprehensive online wellness programme specifically for peri/post-menopause. It includes all the necessary resources to alleviate symptoms and address hormonal weight gain.

Gym Equipments

Personal Training

Elevate your fitness/weight loss journey through my expert-guided resistance sessions tailored to your needs for effective and sustainable results. Sessions held at my home gym in Dorchester.

Fitness Class

Group Fitness

Participate in my exclusive women's group fitness sessions in Dorchester DT1. 'BeatFit' is meticulously crafted to boost metabolism and unleash those feel-good hormones!


“Last night, I attended Cath’s Nutrition Workshop. What a fantastic evening! It was interesting, informative, and inspiring (the same can be said for Cath!) I like to think I know a bit about ‘clean’ eating, but sometimes the recipes I come across seem like too much effort. But last night, Cath dispelled that myth and showed us how easy it is to eat well. The food she made was so easy to assemble, and all of it was delicious. We were able to ask questions, sample unfamiliar ingredients, gain new knowledge and insight into nourishing our bodies, and, best of all, we were given a goodie bag to take home! Thanks, Cath; my breakfast ‘jar’ this morning was amazing, and if you’re planning further workshops, count me in!!”

- Facebook review

“I have done a lot of exercise in my life, but only fresh air exercise. I had a hip replacement in January, I had put on some weight, and I needed some accountability. I couldn’t face going to a Gym or working out a rehabilitation programme for the hip - it just felt too hard. When I heard about Cath, I was told she had a gym in her house. I feel she has created a bespoke programme for me, and I am already noticing the difference in how I hold myself, and I can see my strength building. Cath knows her stuff and applies it. She adapts when necessary and fits my needs and limitations well. Cath is also great at keeping me going when it all feels difficult. I would be very happy to recommend her work, but also her social and personal skills too.”

- Facebook review

“Cath has been the big sister I never knew I had. Her know-how, methods, and skills have given me instant results. The nutritional advice she provides has helped me reassess the balance in my diet, and her workout ideas complement this perfectly. It’s been great to track how my body is responding to the planned workouts, and I hope to keep improving. I would recommend her to anyone.”

- Google review

“I’ve been going to Cath’s Bootcamp class twice a week for over a year now, and I can’t recommend it enough. No session is ever the same, and it’s such a great way to start your day. I also went vegan after a Raw4Fitness workshop, and I’m stronger, healthier, and happier than ever! Thank you, Cath.”

- Facebook review

“Cath from Raw4Fitness has truly transformed my life. Over the past five years, her invaluable knowledge and tips have enabled me to achieve significant advancements in my health and fitness. Cath adeptly addresses posture issues for every individual, regardless of class size. I cannot speak highly enough of her. If you prioritise your health and aspire to maintain flexibility and mobility well into your later years then Cath is the answer.”

- Yell review

“Cath has changed my life! Best Personal trainer ever and her group classes Beatfit and Bootcamp are fantastic!
Cath at Raw4Fitness has literally revolutionised my life, my fitness, my vitality & my menopause. I can really see the benefits, especially of doing weights with her in my PT session. I am horribly lazy & complain all the time & when I stop at rep 4 or 5, she keeps me going with “aaaand 6!” Brilliant fun. I feel so much younger & fitter than I have in years & my limbs move where & when I want them to because suddenly my muscles are actually getting stronger and working. I love her new Beatfit class. I grin away & huff & puff. She is a lovely person, who looks at the whole you & tailors the program. She looks at your diet & lifestyle too. Her group classes are fabulous fun, such a brilliant start to the day. I can’t recommend Cath highly enough. Work with her in PT, online or group classes & change your life!”

- Yell review

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1 Capitol Close,

Dorchester, DT1 2QS

07841 864586

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